Turn-key real estate development

We are a boutique, privately-owned firm with a drive to pursue unique opportunities in the marketplace and create spaces that work—for our customers and for our investors. Together with our affiliates, we develop, construct, own and manage income-producing properties in growth markets in the southeastern United States.




We’re like a family, but functional.

Our incredibly talented people have an average tenure of 10+ years working together with some collaborations surpassing two decades. Our leadership has over 150 years of combined real estate experience. We know what we can accomplish together and we work tirelessly to deliver the very best product to market.





Decision and execution expertise

Our shop utilizes in-house design, development, construction, management and investment disciplines. We enjoy exceptional efficiency in vetting prospective projects, as well as bringing them to market, which helps us meet the opportunity where and when we find it.



Boots-on-the-ground acumen

Each member of our team is invested in our projects. We are tuned in to the landscape where we operate. We chart out the territory together and fashion responses to the market in unique ways that result in higher-than-industry-average returns for our investors.


Charity partner

We are a team of builders. As engineers, marketers, implementers, fundraisers, volunteers and donors, each one of us is building an important piece of a solution that lasts. Each engineering plan, pipe fitting, and installation is a piece of a solution that God is using to place communities around the world back to where He intended them to be. We believe we are following His blueprint. God never intended for some to have safe water and others to suffer. So each of our actions – in partnership with yours – adds up to lives saved.