Meeting opportunity with precision and experience.

We own the project life cycle.

FRONT STREET DESIGN & CONSULTING, our project planning and design affiliate, has over 20 years of experience in municipal approval and agency coordination, land planning, and site design that enables us to quickly evaluate potential sites. Our process helps us (1) avoid the wasteful time and expense of municipal tangles and unworkable site constraints, (2) forecast realistic costs and timelines, and (3) react quickly to opportunities.

Our in-house project design skill is foundational to our success. We are passionate about designing spaces where our customers can thrive. We envision unique outdoor experiences and bring them to life in our landscape architecture—from grand open spaces and lush flora to fountains, pools, pavilions and pickleball courts. As to the sticks and bricks? Well, we’ve been drafting buildings as long as we’ve been in real estate, so, our attention to detail—from livable floor plans to luxury appointments and efficient construction—is a unique superpower in a world where developers are often at the mercy of third parties who drive the design.

We have 25 years of experience shepherding projects through the development pipeline—from site selection and feasibility analysis to product programming, entitlements and debt and equity financing. As a boutique regional developer, we’re efficient at evaluation and we have our finger on the pulse of the communities in which we operate. A dynamic and tireless advocate for our projects, we conceptualize developments that harmonize with site constraints, market demands and the local civic planning environment. This enables us to promptly capitalize on new growth in emerging markets with superior locations and market-proven products.

FRONT STREET CONSTRUCTION SERVICES is our general contractor affiliate. Since its founding in 2005, Front Street has built or renovated nearly $200MM in multifamily and light commercial assets. Our association with Front Street has equipped us to achieve the highest quality product at the lowest cost basis, providing unparalleled efficiencies via value-engineering, transparency and cost controls. Front Street has been instrumental in providing estimating for quick go/no-go decisions and promoting implementation of next-level green energy solutions like insulated concrete form construction.

AURORA PROPERTY RESOURCES, our property management affiliate, walks with us through every phase of a deal cycle. The Aurora team is accustomed to taking “ownership” of a property during the design phase and maintaining intense oversight through construction and stabilization to ensure quality control and performance goals are met. With over two decades of lease-up experience, we have developed a reputation for positioning our properties to exceed the expectations of both our customers and investors.


We deeply value our long-standing relationships in the industry including many that have spanned 20+ years. From investors and lenders to subcontractors, architects, civil engineers, and transaction attorneys—surrounding ourselves with a trusted team of industry veterans has helped us produce superior results and make a positive impact in the communities in which we live, work and invest.