Since he began working for his family-owned construction company in 1973, EYC COMPANIES' president Ellis Y. Coleman has garnered 40 years of experience in the design, construction and renovation of single and multifamily housing and light commercial. As a young entrepreneur he drafted plans for his customers by hand and still takes the same pride of ownership in his development projects today.

In 1996, Ellis moved from single and multifamily residential construction into real estate development with his first apartment development in Mebane, North Carolina. Since that transition, Ellis and EYC COMPANIES have designed and developed over twenty multifamily, single-family, condominium, mixed-use and light commercial projects.

Coming full circle.

In 2005, the EYC COMPANIES team founded Front Street Construction Services to fulfill our passion for controlling the company's products and creating cost efficiencies throughout the entire deal cycle. Front Street has built the last four projects that EYC COMPANIES has delivered to market totaling $86 million in cost in addition to multi-family renovation and build-to-suit retail projects. For more information about Front Street, see our Key Partners.

EYC COMPANIES has managed every multifamily project we have developed over our 18-year history. In January of 2013, we launched Aurora Property Resources, LLC to focus on both portfolio and third-party management, leveraging our expertise in our existing markets to create efficiencies for all parties. For more information about Aurora Property Resources, see our Key Partners.


Many real estate development companies fall in to one of two categories:

Medium-sized local developers: They know their market inside and out and don't feel comfortable thinking “outside-the-box”.

Large regional developers: They have built a machine to produce deals in a regional area, but aren't in touch with those markets at the street level.

EYC COMPANIES is a small regional developer. We are efficient at site evaluation and selection because we focus on a limited number of projects per year. We are nimble enough to move quickly through the details and identify the hurdles. A dynamic and tireless advocate for our projects, we conceptualize developments that harmonize with site constraints, market demands and the local civic planning environment. This enables us to promptly capitalize on new growth in emerging sub-markets with superior locations and market-proven products.


160-Unit Multifamily Project in Pell City, Alabama:
Concurrent with Honda's installation of a 3.6-million-square-foot automobile and engine plant

208-Unit Multifamily Project in North Charleston, South Carolina:
Corresponding with the completion of Boeing's new, 1.2-million-square-foot commercial airplane assembly and delivery line

236-Unit Multifamily Proejct in LaGrange, Georgia:
Concurrent with the opening of Kia's first North American automobile plant with a 360,000 vehicle per year capacity

Ellis Coleman
President & CEO, Charleston

Ellis has served as President and CEO of EYC COMPANIES since its founding in 2000. Since his beginnings as a custom home builder in Virginia, he has developed and built over 3,500 single and multifamily units in established and emerging markets throughout the Southeast.

In 1996, Ellis seized on an opportunity to design and develop his first apartment project--200 units in Mebane, NC. The success of this project led to the foundation of EYC COMPANIES, which has since produced another 1,800 residential units across the Southeast.

Ellis' passion is ensuring efficiencies--in development and design--are instituted in EYC COMPANIES projects in all phases of the project cycle.

Craig Ferri
Vice President of Construction, Raleigh

Craig is Vice President of Construction for EYC COMPANIES and he is a Principal for Front Street Construction Services, EYC's construction division. Prior to joing EYC, Craig was a Vice President at Carocon Corporation, a general contractor based in Charlotte, NC. With over 31 years of experience in the industry, Craig holds general contractor licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Virginia.

Craig has built 2,800 multifamily units totalling $186M in costs. In 2005 he launched Front Street Construction with Ellis and successfully completed EYC's next four multifamily projects. Additionally, Craig has provided hands-on management of multifamily renovations, mixed used and build-to-suit retail construction, as well as roadway and site construction for over 150 acres of EYC single-family developments.

Lisa Allison
Chief Financial Officer, Raleigh

Lisa serves as Chief Financial Officer of EYC COMPANIES. She has over 20 years of experience in the area of finance. In 2004, Lisa joined EYC as an assistant to the CFO from whom she gained firsthand experience in multifamily finance. During the downturn in development beginning in 2008, Lisa efficiently served as Finance Manager reporting directly to the Owners as her small department managed construction loan administration, property management books and investor reporting, Construction Division books, and permanent loan processing.

Lisa has been substantially involved in the company's last nine multifamily projects totaling over 1,300 completed units and another 1,000 proposed. She has over $58 million in permanent refinance (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) under her belt as well as due diligence management for $65 million in property sales.

Natalie Coleman
Vice President of Marketing, Charleston

Natalie joined EYC COMPANIES in 2001 as a Principal and Marketing Director. She entered the world of real estate development in 1996 with Durham-based Crescent Capital Resources. She obtained her Series 7 license while working for PHN Capital, an Atlanta-based boutique investment banking firm specializing in municipal bond placement for real estate projects ranging from healthcare to retirement. From 1999 to 2001 she was Corporate Communications Director for Equitel, a start-up prepaid cell phone technology company located in NC's Research Triangle Park.

Natalie has managed market research and consumer sales and marketing for every project the company has developed. She is instrumental in helping to create each projects' unique market appeal including managing amenity planning and landscape design, selecting interior and exterior fixtures and finishes and providing interior design services. Natalie also provides due diligence and presentation facilitation for municipal approvals and project acquisition, finance and sale.

Andy Smith, PLA
Director of Design, Charleston

Andy is a Professional Landscape Architect and serves as EYC COMPANIES' Director of Design for mixed-use developments, residential communities, and commercial/office projects. His project responsibilities range from early due diligence research, conceptual planning, design development, and entitlements and permitting to construction documents.

With 14 years of experience, Andy came to EYC from a Charleston-based land planning and civil engineering consultant to develop the company's comprehensive project planning skill set. Andy's work has focused on urban projects, brownfield redevelopment, and sustainable landscape design, for which he has managed projects in both the private and public sectors.

Andy has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Auburn University and is a registered landscape architect in South Carolina. He serves on the Executive Committee of the South Carolina chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and has received numerous awards for his work in planning and design.

Eric Coleman
Development Coordinator, Charleston

Eric has been working in the family business since 2004 and has hands-on experience in many areas of multifamily property management, construction trades and residential design and development. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at The Citadel Military College of South Carolina in 2011, Eric was hired by Front Street Construction Services to serve as Superintendent for a 70-unit multifamily renovation project in Raleigh, NC. In 2012, he joined EYC as Development Coordinator where he promotes communication between all disciplines during each phase of the deal cycle--design, permitting, and construction.

Eric is currently involved with the development of the company's next generation building concept featuring an overall better performing building envelope along with better MEP systems to meet the demands of the new energy code changes.

Bob Lippard
Senior Living Developer, Raleigh

Raised in Lynchburg VA, Bob graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1974, and received a master's in healthcare administration from George Washington University in 1976. He worked in hospital management from 1976 to 1997, including 22 years with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), and a recognition as one of the top 50 young healthcare executives by a national publication.

From 1998 to 2010 Bob lead the Raleigh area real estate firm Drucker and Falk, LLC into the senior living field as their director of senior living. In 2002 he created a partnership with the Duke University Health System, resulting in a Wall Street Journal article, the creating of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) at Fearrington Village in 2005, and the re-development of the historic Chamberlin Hotel in Hampton Roads VA as a 130 unit independent living facility in 2007.

EYC Companies welcomed Bob to their team in 2015 to facilitate their senior living development initiatives.


EYC COMPANIES is a nimble design+build shop. We have an experienced group of professionals on our team with disciplines in municipal approval and agency coordination, land planning, and site and architectural design that enable us to comprehensively create each project, matching potential sites with our in-house products. Our holistic approach helps us eliminate wasteful time tied up in municipal tangles and unworkable site constraints as well as dependency on third-party consultants.

Utilizing three-dimensional design software we can visualize site solutions and explore specific project elements, identify challenges and opportunities, and make product modifications early in the development process. Our flexibility enables us to bring projects to market in challenging areas, i.e. emerging markets and “closed” zoning markets, while also filling market niches with innovative projects designed to meet consumer demands.


EYC COMPANIES has enjoyed a great deal of control over our projects due to our key partner relationships and our experience as master developer. Our general contractor—Front Street Construction Services—and our property management company—Aurora Property Resources—are both integral to the success of our developments since. As a team, our projects stay on-target because our goals are unified. The team works in tandem to achieve construction budget and schedule objectives, prepare the property management team for product launch and construction turns and capture leasing goals to achieve maximum income during construction.

Additionally, EYC COMPANIES has an experienced group of professionals on our team with disciplines in municipal approval, land planning, construction, finance, design and marketing that enable us to identify exciting opportunities and bring projects to market in challenging areas, i.e. emerging markets and “closed” zoning markets, while also filling market niches with innovative projects designed to meet consumer demands.



EYC COMPANIES made the decision to form Front Street Construction Services in 2005 because we discovered that we were positioned to develop and build our own projects better, faster and more cost effectively than a third-party contractor. Front Street has built the last four projects that EYC COMPANIES has delivered to market totaling $86 million in cost. With Front Street on the team we have greater influence over their focus. We can also have confidence that our projects will be designed and built to maximize revenue and that they will be delivered to the market on schedule and with exceptional quality.

Working with Front Street enables EYC COMPANIES to have more:

  • Cost control
  • Mobility
  • Access to information
  • Seamlessness
  • Influence on delivery schedule
  • Advance knowledge of systems
  • Advance knowledge of job load
  • Advance knowledge of project costs
  • Transparency

One of the leading factors in EYC COMPANIES' decision to build its own products through Front Street was its familiarity with the construction plans. Principals Ellis Coleman and Craig Ferri work to design each project with an optimum cost and time-efficiency standards using an innovative “upside-down” design/build technique they have developed throughout the production of 2,000 single and multifamily units. Their method utilizes the ground level contractors who have a working knowledge of the variables including material options, supply costs and local regulations. Using this technique they have been able to eliminate “over-design” from traditional “top-down” development.



EYC COMPANIES has managed every multifamily project we have developed. In-house property management has enabled us to better address the marketplace during the critical lease-up or sales phases of our projects. In January of 2013, EYC COMPANIES launched Aurora Property Resources. The new full-service property management company is focused on both portfolio and third-party management.

Aurora's expertise begins at the ground level of a new construction property, from construction financing, to the sticks and bricks and the human component. As portfolio managers for 18 years, the Aurora team is accustomed to taking “ownership” of a property and maintaining intense oversight to achieve the goals and objectives of the owner. Many of those goals must be met at critical transition periods—while pre-leasing units, inspecting and receiving units from construction, achieving lease-up objectives to produce break-even income, and stabilizing income and occupancy during due diligence periods for property refinance or sale.

Over the past 18 months, Aurora's team has assisted in the closing of over $30 million in permanent financing as well as intensive due diligence for property sales. Aurora is not a simple fee manager, they are an invaluable part of the development team uniquely qualified to see a property's value and potential from the perspective of owners and investors, as well as residents and valued staff.



EYC COMPANIES has been built on relationships with key partners including investors, lenders, general contractors, civil engineers, architects, municipal and real estate attorneys, land brokers, tradesmen and suppliers. In fact, many of our projects are a result of both on and “off-market” leads from these key partners.

As a testament to our solid performance, EYC COMPANIES has been fortunate to develop 70% of our multifamily projects with the same equity partner—The Kalikow Group of New York—as well as the same general contractor and property lease-up and management professionals. [LINK TO PARTNERSHIP PDF]

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